In his early life, Landon attained a diploma in International Baccalaureate in Art from Campbell Collegiate in Saskatchewan. It was an advanced placement program where he was encouraged to spend the majority of his years in researching, critiquing and creating critical analysis of different works of art. One of his favourite activities was to work on his 13599003_1707295279522013_1201426486_nart research book, which included writing about the connections between different works of art as well as harvesting new information before creating his final production for his graduation art show. The major theme of his art research project was to find queer and deaf works of arts and why the representation of both cultures, queer and deaf shared so many similarities. Once he completed his art research project of exploring different sexualities and Deaf artworks, his book was sent around the world for review. One of the comments stated that he excelled at not only drawing attention to the overlapping of different perspectives, but that he was also able to provide rich research materials which served as a great resource for others. This ultimately led to his journey into arts administration.

Art and research are vehicles for him to express issues that are not often discussed in daily life. Being an emerging artist, this has given him an understanding of the process that artists go through and has helped him to better support the arts community at large.